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Where Love is, God Is: Leo Tolstoy 1885

God Relationship: 15 November 2008

Faith to remove Mountains: 20 September 2008

Many Waters: 28 August 2008

It Was Never Done This Way Before!: 3 August 2008

Balaam: 27 July 2008

Beware: 20July 2008

Ekklesia: 23 June 2008

Unleavened: 16 June 2008

Have you seen Him? 25May2008

The Rose: 17May2008

The Canvas: 4May2008

The Cloud: 27April2008

Mud: 24April2008

Martha Lazarus and Mary parts 1 & 2: 30March & 6April2008

One: 16March2008

No Other Name: 24 February2008

The Lost Sheep: 26 January2008


Perfect In One: 6January2008

We Ask God: 23December2007

Growing Up: 9December2007

Zacchaeus: 14November 2007

Blind Bartimaeus:11November2007

The Woman at the Well: 4November2007

Just One Touch: 28October2007

God's Solid Word:23September 2007

No Arifical Colours or Flavours:16September2007

Clean: 9September2007

Virtual Reality: 3 August 2007

Open Door Part 1: 16June-29July2007

Child's Play: 9June2007

Displaced God: 3June2007

Signpost Squatters: 26May2007

Consuming Fire: 18May2007

Lifted: 8May2007

Sabbath of Rest: 6May2007

The Audit- a story: 28April2007

Love Is... : 22April2007

The Vinyard- a parable: 15April2007

Fearful Deliverance: 8 April2007

Removing the Rubbish: 31March2007

Watching for the Dawn: 25March2007

My Purpose in Life: 17March2007

His Balance:15March2007 (Louise Moloney)

Christian Success: 04March2007

Infinite: 12February2007

The Great Shepherd: 7January2007

Falling on Him: 23December2006

The Amazing Amnesty:16December2006 (Richard Tilbury)

The Wedding: 10December2006

Christ the Word: 10December2006

Cloud Formation: 27November2006 (David Booth)

Follow Me: 16November2006

My Kids: A Parable 5November2006

Taxi: A testimony

I Will Still Love Him: 27October2006

Two Mites: 13October2006

Colouration: 28September 2006

The Fence: 22Septeber2006

Following Him: 8September2006

Under The Influence: 2September2006

Lest I Forget: 18August2006

The New Work: 11August2006

Inward Substance: 3August2006

Sanctified In Us: 27July2006

Two or Three plus One: 21July2006

Searching For Him: 3July2006

Faith on Earth: 22June2006

God Who is Love: 13June2006

The Awakening: 8June2006

Nicolaitan Spirit: 7June2006

Gods Elect: 31May2006

Simplicity: 22May2006

Body and Blood: 28May2006

The Eagle and the Chicken:7May2006

Can I Still Love Them: 26April2006

By Grace: 25April2006

Unlabled: 3April2006

Tithes, Tribute, Alms

Scars: 1993


Battles in Heaven: 1993

Abraham's Faith: 1992



Children's Submissions

I Am Thankful: Children's Drawings

Mat 19:14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.


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