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The Woman at the Well

There came a woman out of the city
Just her alone not at the usual time for drawing water
Avoiding the chance of gossiping with the other woman
Walking to a well that had only provided her the bitter water of heartache
Carried in a waterpot made of clay
Her heart pondered her life of disappointment
Trudging slowly down a familiar path

As she neared end of her journey
Avoiding the pot holes and stones on the path
A figure caught her eye -there down by the well
Her heart sank- she wasn't in the mood for snide comments
She hesitated but decided to carry on
It was only a self righteous Jew; he wouldn't stay there long
Those Jews would always leave in a hurry from those such as her

But as she approached the man did not move
Not particularly handsome- not her kind of guy
Shading himself by the pillars on the steps to the cave
Sitting as though he was waiting for someone
As she passed a voice said, "Give me a drink"
Her rhythm of thought abruptly was halted
"Are you talking to me?" came the astonished reply

Realizing there was no one else in the vicinity
She stammered "But you're a Jew - you don't talk to us, - I'm a Samaritan"
The voice replied "If you knew God's gift to you, and who I am
You would have asked Him to give you living water"
She found herself drawn into the conversation,
"But you- you have nothing to draw with- it is a deep well
Given to us by our father Jacob- are you better than Him?"

"If you drink from this well you will thirst again,
If you drink my water you will never thirst again
But it will constantly bubble up in you - giving everlasting life"
She said, "Sir give me this water, so I do not thirst again"
The voice replied, "Go call your husband"
The hurt and disappointment came flooding back again
"I don't have one" came a hesitant reply

Jesus then told her she had five previous husbands
And that the current one wasn't even her's,
Even though this being the case, she was one of His chosen
To worship the Father in spirit and in truth.
Her heart began to bubble up inside her,
She suddenly realized this was the man she had always had sort for
The Messiah filling the deep void in her soul

The returning disciples mused at the spectacle
A Jew speaking to a Samaritan woman
They didn't think to ask why she suddenly had ran past them
Leaving her earthen pot sitting at the Saviour's feet
"Master eat, we bought some food at the market"
"Sorry friends- but I have already eaten
I am full of the will of him that sent me,
To complete the tasks set for me to do."


4 November 2007


Here are some photographs before the site had a church built over it in around 1940.

Jacob's well, Nablaus-Shechem, c. 1900-1920

View looking towards Mt. Gerazim ^

Photos courtesy of

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my strength
and my redeemer. Psalm 19:14 ©2007 Stephen Share

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