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 The Eagle and the Chicken

The eagle is free spirit, soaring to the heights of eternity
The wind in its face, the wind in its lungs,
Watching the world from a heavenly perspective
The wind behind, the wind under its wings
Effortless grace, feeding on fresh meat from the green pastures
The wind over, the wind ruffling the feathers
The wind enveloping its very being,
Constantly blowing, constantly moving
At one with the wind
Wind of the Spirit

We are Christian chickens
We are free range too
The wind ruffles our feathers
We cluck among ourselves in fellowship
We have a great pecking order
The rooster keeps us in line
We wonder at his colourful feathers
We scratch the ground
Which once were green with past revivals
We see the grass beyond the borders of our compound
It looks really good
But we can't go it might be a cult
The wire keeps us safe
Now there is less to do in our compound
Our rooster provides all our needs
But our numbers havent grown recently
Because our crche is old
Or someone else has better entertainment
So we will spend more money
And try to further the kingdom of God
Some times we have two roosters
They don't seem to want to get on
So one will start another coop in the meadow
He decides the shape of the boundaries
And he will organize a doctrinal fence
He will cluck and crow loudly
Show off his colourful feathers
He has a real gift
And some of us will follow him
To the green grass in his compound
It must be true revival
We praise god for the new freedom
In time the green novelty wears a little thin
We miss the old dust baths,
Then some will go back to the old compound
The rooster then clears some ground for a new dust bath
We are happy
But we hear loud music from our old place
The rooster clears more and more ground to entertain us
In time we have unity with our old church
Cluck about the differences in the shape of our compound
And we rejoice in the memory of lushness.
We dont really understand
Why there is not many new chicks
We lay so many eggs
And cluck about it excitedly to the other hens
But they constantly vanish
We dont know where
The rooster says that it is because the seats are too hard,
So we spend lots of money and refurbish
Lots of hens come from other coops
Our church is overflowing,
We organize new programs
It is great to see all the new faces
It must be revival.
Sometimes a hen will go all strange
She will disappear for a while
And then one day march back
With some little ones
She has become very protective
Wont let any one near
She is so full for the love of the lost
Its almost an inspiration
Everyone is so happy
We brag about it to all the neighbouring coops
But another rooster has offered her a new perch
Right next to him
The hen has taken her chicks and gone
But we do not worry too much
Our rooster is organizing a better softer perch
She will be back soon.
Some of our sisters live in smaller traditional cages
They have food all the time
They don't have to scratch for it
There is water provided
They do not even have to move
They live inside
They do not feel the wind
The cages are all the same
Identical in every way
They are free to move inside the cage
Not that they have to do anything
Look they are taking down some of the cage walls
Making them bigger
There are not too many differences now
Lets put our heads together
And try to work out our differences
Church unity
Bringing us together
Look at our combined numbers
All tied together in a cozy bundle

7 May 2006

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer. Psalm 19:14
Stephen Share 2006

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