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Just One Touch

Deep cries out to deep craving for God
The living God
"How can I reach out and touch him
How can I know Him?
He seems so far away
So much hindrance, so many barriers
People standing in the way
Shoulder to shoulder
Perhaps another time when it is not so crowded
People jostling Him
Scribes, Pharisees, disciples all pushing for position
Next to the King of Israel
Seeking for recognition and notoriety
Next to the one who multiplies the loaves and fish
I must reach Him
It may be my only chance
With all the determination of my soul
Just To touch Him"

"Excuse me, Excuse me" - no one is listening
Bodies pressing all around
Lurched forward, stumbled, falling
Rough stones, dusty clothes, grazed hands
"That hurts" - discouragement
"I must go on"
"A small gap between all those legs"
Crawling, jostled, kicked, pressed
"I see his garment -I think it is His"
Outstretch arm, extended fingers, stretch forward
Pushed sideways, skinned elbow, fresh blood
People surge forward, losing ground,
Desperation, fight forward
"Just one unworthy touch"
Lunge forward, reach out, brushed the hem, peace

He stops, - turns - "Who touched me?"
"Lord I touched You"
Lifted by grace
Overwhelmed by His Love
Cradled in his Majesty
Swept away in His glory
Covered with His mercy
Cleansed by His blood
One touch of faith
Enveloping waters
Where the deep meets the deep

28 October 2007

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my strength
and my redeemer. Psalm 19:14 ©2007 Stephen Share

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