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His balance; His workmanship.

Last week we were unable to have our weekly meeting on Wednesday, which I was a bit sad about, as, I have only just started going along to this mid-week meeting. I have been really enjoying the fellowship and the spiritual "top-up" that God so generously gives when 2 or 3 gather in His name. They have been really lovely and I am grateful to have Holy Spirit led times with His believers.

    On Tuesday my husband was out of town for the week, the business phones were all mine, along with the home-schooling (not much structure there this day!).Every time I tried to do something the phone would ring and consequently the house was looking slightly like a whirlwind had been in the vicinity. By the afternoon I was rung out. and threw what can only be described as a "hissy-fit" - not a pretty sight but a good reminder that I really am nothing and that when I allow the cares of this world to invade all my space it really is ugly. I had collapsed in a blithering pile and my dear daughter walked in the door from school (I don't H.S. all the children) and rescued me, praise the Lord.

    So here I was, acutely aware of my natural condition, feeling' (watch that one) like I was a worthless, disappointment to God and everyone and just so far from The Lord when... He used me. When I was at the end of myself The King of glory used me to speak to another hungry soul about His grace and His Word and what He says, which of course reminded me of His promises not only to her but also to me. I was so thankful to be speaking His words, not only to my friend but to be hearing them afresh myself. That is such a privilege to be a vessel in His hand, and I enjoyed fellowship again with her on the Friday.

    So out of a very unexpected source came my "top-up" for the week- two in fact. I love the Way The Lord balances us and humbles us because without that we, no I, hoity-toit around, bogged down in busyness and I can't seem to hear His still, small voice through it all. But He knows what we have need of and he knows how to give us ears to hear what His Spirit is saying to us. We are / I am His workmanship and He will finish the work He has begun - Praise The Name of Jesus.

Your Sister in Christ

Louise Moloney

©Louise Molony