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Blind Bartimaeus

Sitting on the side of the road near the entrance to the city
Sat a blind man name Bartimaeus
The world a haze through his eyes
Begging from those entering the city
A bowl at his feet holding the mercy of others
Hearing the gossip and news of the day
From those passing or pausing to pass the time of day
News from the locals and from those traveling far
He heard stories of a man called Jesus
Who they said was Moses or Elijah, or some other prophet
Some even said he was John the Baptist risen
And even wondered if this was the Messiah
"No He couldn't be, He was from Nazareth"
"Does anything good come out of that town?"
He heard of cleansed lepers, the deaf hearing
Raising the dead, lame men walking,
And even the blind seeing.
There were also scandals of Him breaking the Sabbath,
Being a law to himself and forgiving sins,
Being friends with the unsavory of society
How he was a glutinous and a drunkard
He even called the Pharisees snakes!
How could one so bad do things so good?
As he sat pondering this conundrum
He thought of King David - the stories of his youth.
He thought of him eating the show bread reserved for the priests
He thought of how David had all the unsavory of society
Gathered to him as an army - Yet he was anointed of God
But David did no miracles this man must be greater than him.
The thought hit him like a thunder bolt.
He is the son of David; David was treated the same way
Day after day the revelation thrilled him
How he longed to meet Him, He could open His eyes.
Then one day there was the noise in the distance
The hum of voices and footsteps walking and running
"Sir", he said to someone standing by "is a caravan coming,"
"No -its that prophet from Nazareth coming this way."
He stood he yelled "Jesus, Son of David, Have mercy on me"
The man standing next to him said, "Hey-Are you trying to deafen me"
He cried again "Jesus, Son of David, Have mercy on me"
Other voices said "Quiet down, you will wake the dead"
The murmur of disapproval continued but he kept on calling
Another voice said "He's calling for you" and a arm took his own
He dropped his rags aside and was lead through he crowd
And stopped naked before the "Son of David"
A quiet voice said "What do you want?"
"Please Sir -I want my sight"
"Away you go -your faith has healed you"
…"And there through the haze He was standing in front of me,
The Son of David the first thing I saw, I yelled I can see, I can see
"Glory to God I can see"


11 November 2007


Mark 10:46-52


Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer. Psalm 19:14
©2007 Stephen Share

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